In the mid-90s and beeing 15 I discovered the music trackers: programs that let you make music with the computer. They were more popular in the Amiga scene but they also have their crowd on the PC platform. Thanks to a section of the computer magazine PCMania and the CD that acompannied the magazine, I was able to make a small library of instruments from songs made by their readers (well, we had no internet in Spain yet). With that, my 386 (yeah, a fucking 386), a SoundBlaster clone card called Audio 16 (or something like that) and 1 sad and lonely Megabyte of RAM I made my first experiments. Fortunately, some time later it evolved to a Pentium 133 with 16! brutal-power megs of RAM with a true Sound Blaster thanks to which the possibilities seemed endless. Although the program that I initially used was Scream Tracker, with the arrival of Internet I discovered Impulse Tracker, which came to be a clone that improves it.
At that time I basically did 3 things with those programs: my versions of existing songs, my own songs with a particular style (which I don't know how to describe) and songs for some videogame projects that - as you can expect - did not come to anything.
As some of them were not that bad and I was a little sorry to have them abandoned on old floppy disks, I decided to dedicate a small place on the Internet to the best of them. Yes... the ones that are not here are worst!
If interested, you can check them here or on YouTube ;)



Arranged versions
Arranged videogames music.

One of the melodies from the MSX game F1-Spirit

The Stage 4-2 music from the game Ninja Gaiden 2 (Shadow Warriors 2) on the NES system

A little dramatic version of one of the ending songs from Ninja Gaiden (Shadow Warriors) NES version

Cammy's Theme from the game Super Street Fighter 2 (and Turbo)

The Hadoken theme from the Street Fighter 2 V series.
Ok, this is not a videogame, but the anime is based on one :P

Magnet's Man melody from NES Mega Man 3

Some of the first attempts I did with Scream Tracker and some Mega Man 3 musics

Extended versions

One of the things that I liked to do with game music
was to take the same instruments from the original system
and redo the songs adding new parts to the melody.

A mix with Green Hill Zone and Bridge Zone from Sonic of some Sega systems

The well known melody from Mega Drive / Genesis Streets of Rage 2 first stage

A battle music from the Mega Drive's game Dragon Ball Z

The first stage music from Super Nintendo's Mega Man X

Forest stage music of the game U.N. Squadron on the Super Nintendo system

This is some kind of experiment that consisted on a version of the song "Arashi no Saxophone" that played on King of Fighters '96 and 98 but with the style of Iori's music from the 99 edition. This should have been used on a fighting game I had in progress, but... ooops!

Músicas originales para videojuegos

Playlist with some original music I composed for videogames

General Music

Playlist with some original music
and some covers.