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Frequently Asked Questions

What did you use to make this game?
I used basic and asm languages mixed, thanks to ZXBasic, an extension that mixes the original Sinclair Basic making it able to be compiled and adding support for external libraries and asm code. It's been developed by Boriel.

¿Does it work with all Spectrum computers?
Well, starting from the 48K unit, it should work with every model. The music and sounds will be better if you load it on a 128K or better, as it happened back in the day with some original games.

Will you make a boxed edition?
I would love to!


Baby Penguin
Yep, this was not my idea. The original programmer do like to put weird and hidden stuff on his games, and he decided to add the possibility to make the penguins have their little kid (and according to the comments on the youtube gameplays, not much people knew about this). So, you know how kids were done, don't you? Sure, you just have to "cross" the penguins about 17 times in a row to make the little one appear on screen. He will be invencible and able to get rid of the obstacles and enemies, even the bird and the flames!

More information

At the beginning of April 2020 all I had done for the Spectrum computer were only a bunch of very simple "games" coded with +3 basic when I was like 10 years old. I always had the intention to do something better, but never had the time... until now. Life changes, pandemias make us not able to go outside, and well, it seems I got the time I didn't had before.
I want to greet a lot all the people who contributed in some way to make this conversion possible. When I decided to start this project I looked for some forums to ask the questions that I had (a lot) related to programming for this computer, and then someone added me to some telegram groups. There I learned a lot of stuff thanks to people like Boriel, Beyker, Haplo, ThePope - who gave me the music player which makes sound a reality in the game - and probably others I forget. Their knowledge, comments and advices were essential for me to learn all the stuff needed to be able to release this game. The community around this microcomputer is very active and trully friendly, so it is not strange that we see so many new projects. It is kinda weird how finding the time to code something was because a global pandemy happened, but at least it was a very gratifying experience to do so.
I want to thank Mar too for the cute drawing that finally made to the loading screen and to Alessandro Grussu whose alternative loading routine makes the game loadable in less than 3 minutes.
Thanks to everyone who, to sum up, helped me to finally be able to give something to the Spectrum scene:)